In this podcast we talk to Professor Sir Cary Cooper about his latest book, co-authored with Sean O’Meara, Remote Workplace Culture: How to Bring Energy and Focus to Remote Teams.

When employees work remotely, even occasionally, HR professionals and business leaders need to think differently.

Practitioners now need to motivate their workforce, support talent development, ensure an inclusive environment and protect their employees’ mental health, all without being in the same physical space. A strong and supportive company culture that is built specifically with remote working in mind is crucial. Remote Workplace Culture is a practical guide that shows how to achieve this.

Cary Cooper is the 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at the ALLIANCE Manchester Business School. He is also the Chair of the National Forum for Health and Wellbeing at Work, ex-President of the CIPD and has been voted the Most Influential HR Thinker by HR Magazine