Equipping your leaders to thrive

Our bespoke solutions are structured to develop the specific behaviours your organisation needs for your emerging and established leaders. 

Your leaders

In today’s competitive and constantly changing environment, leaders need resilience, creative thinking, emotional intelligence and agility. Whether it’s for established or future leaders, we recognise that the results you want from your leadership development investment will include these behaviours and more besides.

How we can help

We know that your organisation’s unique purpose, vision and business strategy determine the specific outcomes you want to achieve. At Eluminas, we work with you to co-create bespoke, immersive, experiential programmes which achieve those sustainable changes in leadership mind-set and behaviours.

Our leadership experts have worked across a wide range of sectors, co-designing programmes which develop authentic leadership, based on deep self-awareness, and resulting in lasting behaviour change.

Typical focus areas have included: exploring leadership styles; motivating and inspiring teams; creating an innovative culture/climate; decision making under pressure; building gravitas; inclusive leadership and leader as coach. Our commercial backgrounds mean we understand that your investment in your leaders needs to drive strategic growth and build a corporate culture of success.

Our Tools

We use a range of tools to help leaders build a strong level of self-awareness, as the grounding from which their leadership is expressed.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ helps leaders to understand how they habitually think and behave, the impact this has on their effectiveness, and what they can do to change.

The Emotional and Social Competency Inventory indicator assesses four key aspects of emotional intelligence (EQ): Self-awareness; self-management; awareness of others; and relationship management.

We also use MBTI® and DISC® tools to help people to understand their preferred working style and how to work with others effectively.

The Results

We have helped businesses across all sectors to achieve improvements in the leadership behaviours that matter to them, including increased agility, building an innovative culture and stronger customer focus.

Participants in our programmes typically report increased confidence levels in their leadership ability, particularly in delivering through others and trusting their teams, resulting in stronger team performance.

At the outset, we discuss with you the best way to measure the impact of our work, and any relevant ongoing evaluation. The insight this provides shapes programme activity to ensure it meets your unique leadership needs.


“In my time in both the private and public sectors, I have experienced a variety of leadership and management training programmes. I can say, with confidence that the content and delivery of Eluminas’s work was outstanding and certainly amongst the best I have experienced. I would strongly recommend Eluminas.”
Inspector, British Police Force