Our coaching transforms your leaders’ performance

We go deeper – we coach on the beliefs, mindsets and behaviours that create lasting change

Your leaders

The demands on your leaders at all levels are huge and can feel overwhelming, as they operate in a complex, rapidly changing, uncertain environment. Your organisation needs them to focus on what matters, to creatively solve issues, to collaborate, to drive transformational change and to inspire their teams to higher levels of performance. And all of this needs to be done at an ever-increasing pace.

How we help them

Our coaches are world class. From a wide range of commercial backgrounds, they will partner with your executives and leaders, giving them the vital space to not only think creatively about their current challenges but to also explore their behaviours, mindsets and attitudes. This ability to go deeper underpins the sustainable changes that our clients achieve. And for leaders leaving your organisation, our specialist career coaches can help them to explore their future direction.

Our tools

In addition to a coaching model rooted in neuroscience, we use a range of powerful tools, including 360° assessments and psychometrics, to facilitate profound results. They include the Leadership Circle Profile™ which helps leaders understand the relationship between how they habitually think and behave and the impact on their effectiveness, Myers Briggs and Firo B which is particularly helpful for understanding behaviours in relationships and managing impact on others.

The results

Our leadership coaching will ensure your leaders understand themselves at a deep level, increasing self-confidence and commitment, so that they can work smarter, excel at managing stakeholder relationships and can fully engage and inspire their teams.

“Very pleased to strongly recommend my Eluminas coach who supported me at a time when I was taking a challenging leadership step up. My coach helped me to really take time to think and reflect on myself as both an individual contributor, and leader of a team. I found their style extremely effective; they very skilfully guided me through, helping to unblock organisational and personal stallers.”
CHRO, Media Services