Delivering successful business through successful teams

We give your teams the tools and collective mindset to unlock the peak performance that’s possible with trusted, powerful relationships

Your Teams

Creating and sustaining high-performing teams continues to challenge organisations. Whether they are established or working on a short-term project, underlying issues in teams can damage cohesion, alignment and good decision-making. Matrix management, virtual and hybrid working complicate team dynamics further at a time when the pressure to deliver has never been greater.

How we help teams

Successful teams rarely just appear, they shine having worked hard at their relationships, trust and alignment. The Eluminas approach treats the team as a whole system rather than as a group of individuals. We know that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Our highly skilled coaches focus on releasing a team’s collective intelligence, wisdom and resources.

Typical areas our coaches work on are: Alignment behind a compelling vision and team values; how to constructively resolve conflict; understanding of diverse communication styles; creating ease around diverse perspectives; arriving at collectively agreed priorities; and learning how to fail fast, take learning and move on.

We are committed to sustainable behavioural change rather than one-off team building events.

Within teams areas of tension could be block progress and ultimately impact your organisation’s bottom line. Our Pairs Coaching uses a positive and productive approach to resolve differences and build a sustainable foundation on which a relationship can grow.

The tools we use

We use diagnostic tools where they can add insight by revealing team dynamics which would otherwise be hidden. Eluminas is fully accredited in The Team Diagnostic™ Assessment , a tool based on a proven model that defines the necessary strengths for high-performing, sustainable and inspired teams. We also work with the MBTI® and Leadership Circle Profile™ tools for teams and individuals.

The results

Your teams will have a strong identity, clarity of focus and an understanding of what makes them successful. Our coaches provide practical tools which enable teams to function at their best, even when they are disrupted. Teams can use their collective intelligence to quickly and creatively resolve issues and move forward with shared learning to apply to the next challenge.

All of our team coaching work is evaluated. The insight this provides shapes ongoing activity to ensure outcomes are achieved. We discuss with you the best way to measure behaviour change as a result of the team coaching work we do.


“Over 10 months our multi-cultural, multi-site and multi-opinion team really got to know each other better than ever. This boosted respect, trust, accountability and created an open discussion culture. As a consequence, our team’s performance has improved perceptibly. Thank you for guiding us through this journey.”

Divisional CEO, Multi-national Industrial Manufacturing