Successfully creating cultural change   

We give your leaders the skills to engage people and ensure that everyone in your organisation feels heard and valued. 

Your change journey

To successfully respond to unprecedented external disruption and to implement internally driven change, your organisation needs to engage your people with the journey. You need your leaders and managers to have an inclusive mindset and set of communication skills that enable them to do this.

How we can help

Eluminas develops the skills which set successful organisations apart, allowing them to sustain lasting change. They include communicating purpose and vision with impact, improving everyday conversations and an inclusive approach to engagement. Because our experts have rich experience in these areas, they can help your organisation to achieve the cultural, structural and organisational changes you want.

What we offer

Improving everyday conversations: Coaching skills inspire conversations which grow relationships, support a collaborative culture and improve your organisation’s performance. When used throughout the organisation, coaching skills are powerful in creating change. Many of our facilitators are faculty members of the highly respected Coaches Training Institute (CTI), regularly delivering coach-training programmes in the UK and Europe.

Engaging staff and talent at all levels in the organisation: Developing a culture of engagement and high performance gives your organisation a competitive edge, allowing you to succeed whatever challenges you encounter. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) plays a significant role in achieving this. Our team includes experts with 30 years of DEI experience, who bring this work to life across a broad range of sectors. We are passionate about helping to create cultures that engage employees and customers alike.

Communicating with Impact: Our experts have brought theatre skills into organisations for over 20 years. Using actors’ tools, tips and techniques, they help leaders to take control, tell their story and own their space – crucial skills when communicating an organisation’s purpose and vision.

The results

Helping your leaders and teams to communicate your cultural messages throughout the organisation will impact engagement, motivation and create shared purpose. Having better quality coaching conversations will improve relationships, encouraging collaboration and creativity. And increased awareness around what it means to be truly inclusive will result in all of the people in your organisation feeling valued for their contribution. Improving skills and awareness in these areas will help you to deliver the impactful change initiatives you are looking for.

“Working with Eluminas was a very stimulating experience. I was able to learn cross-cultural dynamics and how I can be more efficient and productive in interacting with diverse cultural backgrounds. I had an open mind to learn how best I can enhance my ability to manage cross-cultural sensitivities in my leadership role. I was able to identify some gaps as well as practical solutions.”
VP HR, UK, Europe & Middle East, Technology Services